EKG Technician & Phlebotomy Technician:–Get Both Credentials To Earn More!

While searching for a decent phlebotomy program, you might have probably stumbled upon the term EKG Technician, who, for your information, is also a medical assistant just like the Phlebotomy Technician but with different job responsibilities, and of course with a different earning potentiality. In fact, an EKG Tech working in the US enjoys an average yearly salary of around $32000 whereas the Phlebotomy Technicians currently have an average salary of around $33000 per annum.

What Job Responsibilities is an EKG Technician Burden with?

EKG TechnicianTo be more specific, an EKG Tech., who is also referred to as an Electrocardiogram Technician or Cardiographic Technician, bear the responsibility of operating the cardiovascular machines, through the application of which they would take the cardiographic reading of the patient’s heart muscles.

Upon the analysis of these very EKG readings, the physicians would then ascertain whether the functioning of the patient’s heart is normal or abnormal. Hence, in other words, the job of an EKG tech is to aid the doctor in the diagnosis of the heart related diseases. Aside from the above mentioned duties, EKG Techs, possessing additional training may also bear the job responsibility of performing stress test and Holter procedures.

Now, if you are wondering why on earth some reputed phlebotomy training programs also recommend their students to take the EKG training alongside the Phlebotomy training, then you need to dig below to satiate your curiosity.

What Is the Relationship Between a Phlebotomy Technician and an EKG Technician?  

As a newbie in the healthcare field, you may find it difficult to comprehend the relation between a Phlebotomist and an EKG Technician. If so, then let me enlighten you with the fact that the profession of a Phlebotomist involves collecting blood samples of the patient through the methods like venipuncture, skin puncture and other such methods. The blood samples thus collected by the phlebotomist would be then given for medical tests.

On the other hand, the EKG readings would denote the condition of the heart, which, if you recall, is the organ that pumps the blood through the body.

Now, you might have pieced together that an EKG tech would be checking the condition of the patient’s heart whereas a phlebotomist would be checking the qualities of the patient’s blood, which, needless to say, is pumped by the heart.

# Why Should a Phlebotomist take additional EKG training?

By inspecting the blood test report of the phlebotomy tech and the EKG readings of the EKG technician, a competent physician could easily figure out the cause of patient’s cardiovascular health disorder.

Owing to this relationship between the job profession of a phlebotomist and the EKG tech, most of the healthcare industries (especially the physicians’ office and small clinics), nowadays have built the tendency to hire phlebotomy technicians, who have also gained the EKG training in addition to their phlebotomy training.

Benefits of Taking Both the Phlebotomy Training & EKG training:–

For a highly qualified Phlebotomist technician with additional EKG training, it won’t take more than 15 minutes to collect both EKG readings and the blood samples from the patient.

This is the very thought that the employers of the healthcare industries now entertain, not to mention that they also believe that if they hire a single person, who can perform both the duties of a phlebotomy tech and EKG tech, then they would not have to hire many employees and thus also make their clinical facilities less crowded.

Hence, in order to secure a decent job in the healthcare industry, the phlebotomy technician would better earn the credentials of an EKG tech too. What’ more, once you become certified as a Phlebotomy Technician and EKG Technician, you would not only find it a child’s play to get employed but also be able to boost up your earning potentiality and, thus enjoy a prospective medical career.


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